"The Cue Card"

Jeff Thisted



Rich, What Is The Name Of Our Next Contestant"?

​There is no doubt in my mind that every American is familiar with that line... even many foreigners. It's the line that leads into the calling of a Price is Right studio audience member to "Come On Down"!

This photo (as you may have guessed) was taken on the stage of The Price is Right. The photo was taken by a good friend, Jeff Thisted during a commercial break in the show. Jeff, (among other things) was our cue card guy on stage during show tapings. Mr. Barker was as sharp as a tack right up to his last day on the show, so the cue cards were there as sort of a book-marker for Bob. All he had to do was look up, and he would immediately see where he was in the show, and what he needed to do. 

This particular day I remember seeing Jeff fiddling with his cue cards during a commercial break. When I saw what the next card was, I thought "Oh how cool. I want a picture with that". So I whipped out my camera, gave it to Jeff and asked him to snap the photo for me. This picture of me at the podium (with the cue card) really summed up my basic role at The Price is Right... Announcer of products and caller of names. I like that.

​By the way, I still have this cue card. After the show taping that day, I asked Jeff if I could have the card. He looked

at me and said, "Are you gonna have Barker autograph it"? And that is exactly what I did. It's a great memento for

me that is framed and hangs in my home recording studio to this day.

Also attached is a second photo of me and my buddy Jeff Thisted (along with the very same cue card).

By the way... In the original photo up top, you are looking at the back of the Announcer's podium (in gold) and my

reference monitor (so that I am able to see what the home audience is seeing on television). The original Announcer's

Podium was being scrapped one day, not kidding. But I was able to save it. That story is for another day.

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