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Rich Fields award winning Voice over artist male VOICE-OVER TALENT

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​​​​​Rich Fields is the former Announcer of The Price is Right on CBS. In addition to being an award winning game show announcer, he is a four-time Addy Award winning professional voice artist. Rich holds the record for announcing the most TV game shows in a single season, He has recorded voice-over for national clients like Budweiser, Hellman's, Universal Studios, Mercedes Benz and many more. Rich was the voice of CBS Network Promos for many years and was the voice of the nationally syndicated television show Extra. You may have also heard Rich on the Fox animated comedy Family Guy and on the Disney movie Bolt. Rich Fields has recorded over 5,000 radio and television commercials and promos in his lifetime. If you would like info on Rich voicing your project... CLICK HERE. Rich Fields is also a professional voice acting coach and can create you a V.O. demo that will sizzle. If you need VO coaching or demo production... CLICK HERE.  male voice over talent I

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Rich Fields is an award winning Voice artist and male VOICE OVER TALENT

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